Friday, April 15, 2011

Kindling in a Rabbit Tractor Failure

So, it's a result of poor management on my part, but this morning Joon, my little Lionhead doe, had her first litter in her rabbit tractor pen and none survived.

Benny & Joon have been running wild all winter and were just put in the tractor together.  I wanted to get them caught and intended to separate them when I had more pens.  I figured she was pregnant but didn't know when.

Anyway, she built a great nest, only it was on the ground under a large piece of bark I left there for them to hide under.  It wasn't quite big enough to build a nest in and move around, and for that reason or another the bark was tipped over and the nest uncovered.  All 6 beautiful babies were cold and dead when I went out there.

I had a box with straw in it, and I think if I hadn't put the bark there she may have chosen to nest there.

It's a sad learning experience, but it doesn't deter me from wanting to try keeping them in a tractor still. 

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