Sunday, April 15, 2012

A New Toy

You have to give kids something to do.  All kids.  We have this play thing whatchamacallit in the yard that the two-legged kids never play with, so we drug it back out to the four-legged kids today.  These kids have never seen it, so it was fun to watch them figure it out.  By the way, if you want one of these for your kids, check out Craigslist or yard sales.  They are dirt cheap and abundant, and make excellent toys for goats.
 Lorelai was inspecting the setup to make sure it met her rigorous standards.

 Everyone came to check it out, but the kids weren't sure what to think.
 Rob, who pretends not to like the goats, was thoughtful enough to come up with a way for the kids to get up and inside, all by himself!  He's our hero.

 Honey decided to check it out, but then moved on to some hay.

 Coffee, followed by a gaggle of kids, braved the great unknown next.  You can see the kids scurrying away in fear.  Plastic bites, you know!

 Surveying her queendom.

 Some of them decided to give it a try, with Coffee, who apparently redefines "nanny" goat by being the designated babysitter.  None of those are her kids - she's not due for two months!

 Pow-wowing while discussing the intricacies of sliding on one's feet.

 Lookin' large, Marge.

 What'cha got there?

 They're all being chicken now...except for the chickens.  They're brave and stuff.

 Told her to smile.  None of my kids listen to me!  I just get these cheesy looks instead.

 She fell down and great evil was being plotted.  Fortunately, Daddy stepped in before she became the new slide.  See?  Told you he's our hero!

 They decided the first place we put it was too far away, so we moved it next to their feeder.  Figured the moms would let them go play that close.

 Once again looking out for his four-legged kids with a stepping block.

 Coffee always gives me good camera fodder.  I think it's the ears.  She is just a big kid at heart and makes me laugh every time I go hang with the goats.

 Everyone getting their nerve up to check it all out again, with Sissy overseeing it all.

 Whoa!  This thing makes me slide!

 Can I break it?  I should stop here to tell you that the plywood wall of the tack room has Coffee claw marks in it because she knows if the door isn't latched she can hit it to pop it open.  I just noticed dozens of marks there...probably from that rainy day when they broke in to destroy everything.

 Being the only full size goat in a group of Nigerians sure makes Coffee look like a ridiculous giant.  Her boobs are bigger than one of those kids!

Now they all want to slide together!  Turns out it's not so bad, after all.

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