Monday, April 23, 2012

Pallet Fence Finished!

We got super lucky and happened upon big stacks of pallets a couple of times, so we were able to finish our buck pen yesterday.
 It seems to stretch on forever, but it was actually about 116 feet.  Little Charlie looks so small in this big new pen.  To the right, you can see their original line, so it's not a whole lot bigger.  For Nigerians though, it is plenty.  We are thinking of dividing this pen to rotate through, and then adding one more to be sure they can pasture all season.

In this side, we used baling twine to tie at the top and bottom.  The whole thing is a little wobbly if you shake it back and forth, but it is not going to break or fall over, so it works.  This side, which was 49 pallets, cost us nothing but the gas money to get them.  We just started taking the pickup every time we went to town so we could be prepared.  Worked out well!
 The pattern is the same for this side and works out well.  We did two upright, followed by one on its side to provide stability.  The first pallet you see in the pic above is different, because we're using that one for a gate.
 They have an added bonus of providing shade in an otherwise flat, treeless pen.  The boys can go into their shelter in the barn, but it doesn't have much airflow so it gets stifling in the heat.  Everyone was overheated today because we had a 30 degree increase in just two days - to 86 today!  I'm not complaining, but it is quite the adjustment.

Finally, here is another pic of our two new Satin Angora does, Mallory and Marty.  They are so beautiful!  After the sun went down, Mallory got down on the ground and did this weird hopping thing.  It looked like she was kicking up her heels while she ran in circles.  I don't know if she was happy or getting rid of a bug, but it was entertaining to watch.


  1. when I raised angora my does would do that too. I love your blog

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Sure is fun to watch the silly critters. :)